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  1. Greater visibility among users: Your business is viewed by a large number of potential clients.
  2. Easily accessible: People make use of local search engines to find a business and if your business is listed in our local then there they are likely to find you and contact you.
  3. Local: Online local searches are local by nature. They list businesses by type, product and/or service in the areas in which they are located.
  4. Informs users about your business in detail: Online local search allows you to give all kinds of information about your business such as opening and closing hours. You can also give a link to your website. You can also include photos videos and news on your latest or most popular products and services, to enhance your brand message.
  5. To attract the attention of potential clients within GCC and ultimately increase your business’ revenues.
  6. GPS Google Maps displaying your locations and distance to your premises-Multiple Branches.
  7. All your Services are displayed and easily readable to your clients.
  8. Bookings and enquiries sent on to your dedicated email online.
  9. online listing with Full Administration, Set up, Hosting, Maintenance and Support.
  10. Increase enquiry accuracy and customer satisfaction.
  1. Put your business online. You’ll join all other business receiving enquiries online through our system
  2. Receive enquiries through our mobile app, websites and even your own custom site.
  3. Advertise: Billboards, radio, digital, social media and more, all working to bring you more visibility for your business among internet users.
  4. Send exclusive offers and more customers.
  5. Being a member of CityVago will not cost you anything unless we bring you additional business
Through our online administration tools, you will be able to edit your business basic information and keep it up to date.
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